Warkworth Satellite Station

Watercare Services Ltd


Satellite Station Road, Warkworth




August 2023


Civil works for the construction of a new antenna compound on a site located on a sheep farm, adjacent to the existing satellite station in Warkworth. 

The works included:

  • Site set up and site set out
  • Site Clearing
  • Tree felling and removal: trees in the vicinity of the pad were removed completely, including stumping all other trees to the base and grinding as much as practical.
  • Roading: ±200m of gravel road
  • Earthworks: detailed excavation for foundations and grading of site including any temp access, lay down areas etc 
  • Power and Fibre routes from the compound into the building
  • Structural works: Antenna Foundation, Cabinet Foundation, Camera Foundations
  • Security fence design, supply and installation including Pedestrian and Vehicle Gates
  • Earthing supply and installation to design
  • Install all site signs on the site


  • Electrical and Comms Ducting/Trenching
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Lightning Protection/Earthing
  • Roading
  • Earthworks
  • Drainage
  • Security Fencing and Gates
  • Tree Clearance
  • Spark Induction and Access Control

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