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Under Pressure Tapping (NZ) Capabilities

Pipeline & Civil Ltd now offer Under Pressure Tapping (NZ) as a representative of AVK (Australia) Complete Tapping Service.  

This service can perform Under Pressure Tapping services (NZ) on water and wastewater pipes of all materials (MSCL, DICL, CICL, UPVC, PE, HOBAS, RC, Ecopur, Ducpur, Cu and others).

We can perform large diameter under pressure tapping (UPT) with a drill size of 20mm up to 750mm with no disruption to the water supply for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes.

Our Under Pressure Tapping (NZ) packages includes:    

  • Flanged offtakes to principle requirements to AS 4181.
  • Approved high-quality flanged resilient seated or metal gate valves to AS/NZS 2638.
  • EPDM rubber gaskets.
  • 316 stainless steel moly-bonded nuts, bolts, washers and Delrin insulated tophats.
  • Pressure testing of connection prior to drilling to WSAA Code of Practice.
  • Blocking as necessary to support the valve and clamp assembly.

All large diameter under pressure tapping (NZ) services can be tailored to suit your local requirements.

Pipeline & Civil Ltd is able to assist you in New Zealand with the patented solution that AVK Australia developed to minimise shutdowns on water and wastewater mains. 

AVK's AquaStopTM process allows any main (80mm – 150mm) to be isolated at the point it needs to be; minimising the size of the isolated section of the main, meaning fewer houses and properties are left without water during routine maintenance work or connections.

Utilising AVK's AquastopTM system, a 65mm under pressure tapping is performed and a rubber packer is then inserted into the live main by Pipeline & Civil. This packer is then expanded with water to fill the inside of the main creating a shut-off.

Utilising AVK's AquastopTM system provides many benefits including:

  • Eliminates finding valves that operate close to where the works are to be carried out.
  • Maintains pipeline integrity and maintains fire protection.
  • AquaStopTM can be completed in less than one hour, from the assembly of the clamp/valve on the main to completion of the Line Stop for use on 80mm to 150mm pipes.
  • Eliminates supply disruption to customers, backflow contamination and water quality issues.
  • No loss of fire protection as the water main is charged frequently.

Pipeline & Civil's AVK AquastopTM packages include:

  • Flanged offtakes to principles requirements to AS 4181.
  • DR Brass Ball Valve.
  • PE finishing plug.
  • Pressure testing of connection prior to drilling to WSAA Code of Practice.
  • GPS Co-ordinates of Linestop fitting.
  • Water main marker tape to clamp.
  • Blocking as necessary to support the clamp assembly.

All packages can be tailored to suit your local requirements.

If you're looking for AVK NZ - Pipeline & Civil can help with your Under pressure tapping NZ & Line Stop needs.

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Track Record

This project was Technical Services' first under pressure tapping in the Northland region.

Our team conducted an under pressure tapping for Kerikeri's lifeline, a 200NB AC watermain, to establish two crucial 100NB connections for a new subdivision.

Traditionally, a task like that would require a disruptive six-hour shutdown, demanding meticulous planning, extensive notifications, round-the-clock labor, and considerable water wastage.

But not on our watch. Our Technical Services division completed two under pressure tappings and sluice valve installations within three hours – from unloading the van to tidying up the gear.

No lengthy shutdowns, no excessive water loss – just seamless execution and tangible results.

Under Pressure Tapping NZ Kerikeri

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