Pressure and Hydrostatic Testing

Pressure and


Pipeline & Civil regularly undertake pressure testing of pipelines as part of project quality assurance. We have experience testing small and large diameter HDPE, concrete, steel and GRP pipelines.

We have experience carrying out the following pressure tests;

  • Low pressure air testing on non-pressure systems
  • Hydrostatic testing on non-pressure systems
  • Hydrostatic testing on pressure systems
  • Constant pressure test for PVC, DI, GRP and steel pipelines
  • Pressure decay test for PE pipe (greater than DN200)
  • Pressure rebound test for PE pipe (up to DN200)
  • ATSM F2164-13 (Polyethylene)

Also for chambers;

  • Hydrostatic tests of chambers
  • Visual check of chambers using a smoke machine

Due to the risks associated with pressuring pipelines we ensure our work is planned to prevent any staff working near a pressurised end cap, plug or blank plate.

We can supply blank plates for testing and undertake traffic management as required.


  • Experienced pressure testing staff
  • Gauges, logger and compressor
  • Smoke machine

Please contact us to see how our technical expertise can help you complete your project.

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