Slip Lining

Our hydraulic linear winch was designed and built by Pipeline and Civil for the specific purpose of pulling PE pipe through a host pipe.
The winch can be adjusted to suit different sized pipes. It is capable of pipe pulls up to 400 metres in length and applying up to 45 tonnes of force to overcome internal friction. It is the fifth project we have undertaken with this winch.

Recent project experience:

Working on a project with Hastings District Council and Stantec gave us the opportunity to use our custom made hydraulic winch, designed and built by Pipeline & Civil!

This work included the installation of 1460m of 355 PE pipe which was relined through the existing 375 concrete pipe using our hydraulic winch.

The existing concrete pipe was very deteriorated in places and had required several repairs recently. Relining the existing host pipe greatly extends the life span of the existing pipe and in this case also allows it to take more pressure and more flow.

Our team also shut down 3 pump stations and installed 3 new valve connections and 2 no. 90 degree bends over the 1.5km stretch. The upgrade will allow the sewage system to operate with more efficiency at full capacity, the overall project was completed in just under 10 weeks.

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