Our latest piece of kit arrived at the end of June 2021, and she is quite impressive!

Connie (The Conveyor) has been designed and built by Mimico Engineering specifically for Pipeline and Civil to make it easier to backfill trenches without the need to have a truck or digger at the side of the trench.

Connie is 2.2m wide, 3.7m tall (when she stretches up to her full height), and 20m long (although she can telescope out to 26m). It is rude to ask a lady about her weight, so let’s just say she is a bit more than 10 tonne. Connie has a great appetite and is particularly fond of scoria and basecourse, so she may end up being even heavier after a few good feeds.

The conveyor can be hired on its own, or preferably along with a wheeled excavator (supplied by P&C) and an operator to ensure safe and efficient operation.

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