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Mechanical Works
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The key benefit of using Pipeline & Civil – Technical Services for mechanical works is the experienced staff. Our expertise in working on valves and pump stations, includes fabrication and installation of ductile iron, HDPE, stainless and mild steel fittings and pipework. We install and modify line valve chambers, bulk supply points, backflow prevention, air valves and scour valves. Many of our steel pipe work installations include cathodic protection and conductivity isolation systems.

Our clients can receive a complete package from; designing and implementing the traffic management required for access, condition assessment, various coatings, cathodic protection testing, constructability advice, costing options, through to competition of works and reporting/documentation. All works are completed with an emphasis on quality including the QA documentation needed to demonstrate compliance. Our clients make savings by effectively prioritising renewals. We can extend asset life through rehabilitation and using condition assessment to limit upgrades to only those assets that are shown to be in poor condition. Effective renewals and rehabilitation also reduces risk of asset failure allowing the highest risk installations to be prioritised.

Pipeline & Civil prides itself on how we provide value engineering for our clients. We seek to fully understand the needs of our client, what problems are currently being experienced, the proposed design life and maintenance programme of the asset and the impacts of the remedial works on systems operation.

This allows us to assess opportunities for alternative methodologies, materials or processes.


Staff experienced in planning, measuring and installing mechanical pipework installations

Staff experienced in condition assessment and rehabilitation of mechanical installations

Specialised pipework tooling such as manual and hydraulic torque wrenches, motorised pipe reamers, de-beaders and cutting equipment, hydraulic rounding clamps etc.

Please contact us to see how our technical expertise can help you complete your project.

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Track Record

Pipeline & Civil undertook design and build of modifications to the Northcote Bulk Supply Point pipework. Mechanical works included installation of a flow meter, Pressure Reducing Valve, isolation valves and associated pipework. This involved rerouting pipework, crossing a culvert and traversing many critical assessments including the Southern Cross Cable (International Internet connection) in a busy intersection.


This project involved replacing corroded and undersized mechanical fittings at 14 different locations on the Hunua No. 2 Watermain between Ardmore WTP and Redoubt Reservoir Complex. Fittings replaced included stubs, valves, air valves, air hydrants and chamber vents.


Pipeline & Civil were engaged by Watercare as the Head Contractor for a new build Water Transmission Pump Station located at Albany reservoir. Mechanical works included DN450/400 suction and discharge pipework, non-return valve, flowmeter, DN200 Pressure sustaining valve and bypass pipework, two 132kW 230L/s Pumps, 2000 L/s mechanical ventilation, gantry crane and monorail, access platforms, sampling installation and hypochlorite room. Other works associated with the pumpstation included 508 OD CLS inlet pipe, inlet line valve and line valve chamber.

We ensured compliance with Watercare specifications including correct flange patterns, bolt type, bolt torquing, valve type, coating and colour specs and assisted Watercare Operations in the commissioning of the pumpstation, chlorine dosing plant and the new watermain.


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