Get hands-on expertise to de-risk your project

Engineering + Technical Expertise + Unique Equipment

Our ultimate goal is to deliver an outstanding result for our client and achieve universal objectives:

  • reduce operational risk,
  • reduce harm during construction,
  • deliver on time and on budget, and
  • create high quality assets with low impact on the community.

Pipeline & Civil will add value to your project through its embedded culture of challenge and innovation in project design and delivery.

Valuable lessons learnt on previous projects feed our desire for continuous improvement, resulting in less risk to our clients.

Value is delivered through a consistent focus on:

  • Passing on cost saving to the client during Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)
  • Identifying and mitigating operational risks associated with construction and commissioning
  • Prioritising high quality materials and installation practices
  • No-surprises contract management and delivery
  • Integrating HSQE compliance into operational excellence
  • Minimising impacts upon existing client operations and reputation

Successful projects are born during the engineering and procurement stages.

Significant value can be unlocked if the constructor has input during the design process.

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) provides a mechanism by which the client can obtain the constructors perspective and lock value into the design as early as the scoping and project definition phase. Pipeline and Civil can tailor an ECI programme to suit your project and procurement constraints.

Design and Construct (D&C) provides a mechanism by which the client can pass most of the design risk to the constructor. This approach suits projects that have clearly defined requirements. Resource consents can be a challenge and we suggest planning advice be obtained before committing to a D&C process.

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Our desire to challenge ourselves to learn and self perform has resulted in the development of general civil engineering expertise.

We have experience in constructing:

  • Retaining walls
  • Piles
  • Bridges
  • Swales
  • Ponds
  • Stream works
  • Dams
  • Footpaths and cycleways
  • Landfill remediation
  • Carparks
  • Roading
  • Grandstands

Water runs through our veins. The foundation of the business is delivering high quality water infrastructure.

We understand the need for a sterile public water supply and delivering long lasting assets that will continue to serve the community for at least the next 50 years.

Constructing some of the largest water mains in  New Zealand (1962OD CLS) and the smallest 50NB rider mains for local authorities has formed our knowledge and experience.

Our expertise ranges from:

  • decommissioning reservoirs
  • directional drilling HDPE network watermains
  • hot-tap valve installation
  • constructing booster pump stations
  • scour and air valve construction
  • slip-lining trunk mains with HDPE pipe
  • undertaking major upgrades for water treatment plants
  • pipe-ramming under the NIMT
  • laying and commissioning large diameter steel watermains
  • constructing an industrial water treatment plant
  • hundreds of pipe bridges with spans exceeding 30m, to
  • extensive cathodic protection upgrades for steel watermains

The reticulated wastewater system underpins public health in New Zealand.

Aging infrastructure, growing populations and an intolerance for polluted beaches have forced the need for significant investment in our sewer system.

Overlying urban development has necessitated the need for alternative construction techniques such as pipe bursting, slip lining, directional drilling, microtunnelling and structural liners. Pump stations have been constructed and renewed and treatment plants upgraded.

We have the expertise to support and deliver your wastewater project. Our experience includes

  • Pump station pipework replacements (under live conditions)
  • Slip-lining rising mains with HDPE pipes
  • Design and construction of trenched gravity trunk and branch sewers
  • Replacing large diameter pipe bridges (under live conditions)
  • Installing siphons by horizontal directional drilling
  • Design and installation of HDPE rising mains up to 1000mm OD
  • Drilling to flat grades (<0.5%)
  • Making connections to live interceptors and rising mains
  • Design and construction new pump stations and storage tanks
  • Design and construction of scour and air valve construction
  • Design and construction of flushing and bifurcation chambers

Stormwater systems prevent flooding of our homes and businesses.

Intensification of development and rising seal levels have driven the need for significant investment in our stormwater systems.

Overlying urban development has necessitated the need for alternative construction techniques such as pipe bursting, slip lining, directional drilling, microtunnelling and structural liners.

We have the expertise to support and deliver your stormwater projects. Our experience includes

  • Box culvert construction
  • Stream widening and planting
  • Slip-lining with HDPE pipes
  • Design and construction of trenched stormwater culverts
  • Construction of headwalls and outlets
  • Microtunnelling
  • Construction of large diameter precast and insitu concrete chambers
  • Soakhole construction and testing
  • Horizontal directional drilling

Trenchless pipe installation methods can offer benefits when installing deep pipes, or when a obstacle, such as a river or a railway prevents trenching.

Our expertise in trenchless technology has advanced from the days of using a thruster and pit drill to install driveway and road crossings.

Most of our projects now utilise at least one form of trenchless technology – optimised to minimise risk and cost for the client.

Slip lining

We have over 10 years experience in slip-lining large diameter HDPE using our custom designed linear winch. We have installed pipe strings up to 400m in length and 1400mm in diameter. This technique provides an extremely cost efficient solution for the rehabilitation of pressure pipes.

Directional Drilling

Through 15 years of experience working with our preferred specialist HDD subcontractors we have developed a robust system for delivering high quality HDPE pipelines to tight grades. Our in-house welding teams ensure the highest quality welds.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting has provided significant benefits during a recent wastewater renewal programme. Static pipe bursting was undertaken between manholes significantly reducing the need for reinstatement and critically the pipe bore was maintained.

Pipe Ramming

Pipe ramming enables a steel carrier pipe to be driven, typically below live railway tracks. The carrier pipe is then cleaned out and the product pipe installed. Our expertise has been developed during a crossing of the NIMT line in Drury, and the Western line at Mt Eden. In both cases a new watermain was installed inside the carrier. Suitable ground conditions are critical.


Microtunnelling allows accurate installation of pipes in a range of ground conditions. We have experience in using various technologies, including pipe-jacking, tunnel boring machines, pilot boring, guided pilot boring and vacuum extraction. Understanding  the ground conditions is vital to machine selection.

Structural Lining

Structural lining allows gravity pipes to be rehabilitated, generally without excavation. Structural liners range from spiral wound PVC to cure in pipe liners (CIPP). Our expertise covers scoping and managing specialist lining contractors, and making the pipe repairs necessary to enable lining.

Over the last 25 years we have developed unique skills that complement our project delivery.

Our ability to self-perform critical tasks reduces risk and the reliance on costly specialist subcontractors.

  • Cast in-situ manhole benching
  • ASME IX certified steel pipe welding
  • HDPE butt and electrofusion welding, up to 1000mm OD
  • Sheetpiling
  • Installing cathodic protection
  • Large diameter flange assembly
  • Sterilisation of watermains
  • Pressure testing pipelines
  • In-situ concrete construction (formwork)
  • Class B asbestos removal
  • Large diameter watermain connections (cut-ins)