Bremner Road Watermain


Karaka Drury Consultants Ltd

Client Project Manager

Theo Sangster

Engineer to the Contract

Gerard Krishnan

Engineer’s Representative

Theo Sangster

Design Engineer



Construct new bulk water supply to feed the Auranga Development in Drury, Auckland New Zealand, including 1400m of 450OD HDPE watermain, SH1 motorway crossing by HDD and NIMT rail crossing by pipe ramming.

We maximised the use of trenchless pipe installation to avoid delays to traffis on SH1 and SH22.

We adopted pneumatic pipe ramming to install an encasement pipe below the NIMT and inserted the new watermain.

Drilling under SH1 was carefully planned and monitored to minimise settlement and ensure the project had no impact on motorists.


  • large diameter HDPE pipe
  • Level 3 traffic control
  • directional drilling
  • pneumatic pipe ramming
  • deep shafts
  • chamber construction
  • sterilisation